Know how your support helped people fight mental illness and poverty

H&HFE Stories

Rosa Coronel

Rosa is the mother of Shalom, an 18-year-old boy with emotional difficulties. During the pregnancy, Rosa presented several inconveniences such as stress, which caused the beginning of abortion, so that at 7 months of gestation, the delivery was brought forward, presenting complications during the birth of Shalom.


Over the years, Rosa noticed many differences in her son, compared to other children, which led her to seek a medical opinion, in which he was diagnosed with an intellectual disability of 49%.


Currently, Shalom receives psychoneurological treatment in coordination with Fundación Conexión Vital in Ecuador, to improve his condition.


Rosa feels very happy and hopeful that her son receives the emotional and neurological support he requires.


Isabel is the mother of 17-year-old Ivana. On a Salinas-Guayaquil trip, they suffered a traffic accident, in which her grandfather unfortunately died, who was like a father to Ivana, hit her emotionally and with the Covid-19 pandemic, his condition worsened.


Currently, Ivana receives support in coordination with Fundación Conexión Vital in Ecuador, which consists of psychological and neurological support therapies.


Thanks to the therapies, now Ivana talks, smiles and socializes more with her family and friends.


Viviana is the mother of 6-year-old Brandon. There are times when Brandon hits himself or pulls his hair when he gets upset or frustrated that he can’t do his homework well; he also has a hard time making friends, he doesn’t talk much, and he doesn’t say his words well.


A few years ago, Brandon was diagnosed with lymphangioma, which is not operable because, according to the doctor who treated him, the tumor feeds on the carotid and jugular.


Due to the pandemic, Brandon became more withdrawn, he did not want to leave the house. If Viviana forced him, it was very difficult for him to get him out since he would start crying.


Brandon is currently receiving neuropsychological treatment in coordination with Fundación Conexión Vital and you can already see the joy on his face.


Viviana is very happy with the help received because she does not have the financial resources to provide the comprehensive care that Brandon requires.


Yolanda is the mother of 9-year-old Darío, a boy who is good at math and Spanish but a little self-conscious and nervous when it comes to socializing.


His emotional state worsened as a result of the pandemic, leading to the development of childhood depression.


Yolanda feels hopeful and grateful for the help received, so that not only Darío but also his brother, can overcome their current emotional state and have a better life quality.

Yolanda longs for her children to make the world a better place.

marco flores

Marco is a single father whose wife died of a serious illness, leaving him in the care of his three children, who have been emotionally affected after the death of their mother and confinement due to the pandemic.


Marco attended a mental health campaign organized in coordination with Fundación Conexión Vital in Ecuador, in which his daughters were able to enjoy different tasks and interact with other children of the same age, developing a connection of affinity with the foundation’s professionals.


Marco feels that there is an open door for hope, and he hopes that his children can become good human beings. 


Kelly is the mother of 6-year-old twins Allan and Britany, the first is a super friendly boy, and the second is a very happy and hyperactive girl.


Allan and Britany have been emotionally affected by the confinement of the pandemic, not being able to go play in the park or get distracted like before with their friends.


In coordination with Fundación Conexión Vital in Ecuador, we provided psychoneurological support to the whole family to accompany them on their way to their well-being and emotional balance.