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Julieta (protected name) is a 6-year-old pretty girl full of dreams and with a big heart. She longs to be a skater. She is currently studying and is surrounded by girls her age, but she says she feels very lonely. She has no friends, so she eats alone at recess while the other children play.


She comes from a home where she has had to witness severe family conflicts, “When my parents fight I cover my ears and hide in bed, so I don’t hear them yelling, but they can be heard up to the sky,” says Julieta.


She recently found out that the man she identifies as her father is not her father, this situation has completely touched her life and at a young age she feels confused. She has 2 brothers for whom life has not been very easy either, both have attempted suicide, all this has made Julieta perceive that she has had a difficult life to cope with.


Julieta tells us that she had a dream in which her parents separated, but she did not tell anyone. Today that dream is a reality. Her parents have separated and this has caused a sense of guilt which has produced a drastic change in her perception of life.


At present, she usually experiences nervous breakdowns. After a psychological evaluation, several tests were applied to her, which concluded among the most alarming aspects for her age are fear of the world, insecurity, shyness, and depressive traits.


Julieta is going through emotional mourning, finding out that her father is not her real biological father is hard to take in, and on top of that to make matters worse, the divorce of her parents.


Julieta, who is only 6 years old, feels that life has no meaning. Have you ever felt like Julieta?


She needs your help, she needs emotional support for her and her family urgently!