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For Eliza, every morning that she has to wake up to go to school, becomes an “existential problem”, because she has problems with her language and literature teacher to the point of causing problems in her security and therefore, in her self-esteem.


Eliza wishes to confide these problems to her mother, but she does not because she fears she will get angry.


Eliza sadly reveals that in the past, her mother used to get angry frequently so she prefers that she is busy with household chores so she does not notice her mother’s presence or her problems.


She wishes her living situation would improve so she could understand her mother better and tell her about something that bothers and disturbs her; her attraction to people of the same sex.


Eliza loves to be with her family, but her parents are in process of divorce, which means that even though her father no longer lives at home, it is a very difficult problem for her to assimilate, resulting in feelings of emptiness and hopelessness.


In the psychological interview following the evaluation, the following problems were detected: Depression; Insecurity; Lack of emotional resources; Demotivation; Difficulty in relating to people who do not belong to her intimate nucleus; Distrust; Introversion; Fear of interpersonal relationships; and a feeling of loss of affective support from her loved ones.


Eliza needs to receive psychological treatment to achieve her personal, social and mental stability, besides allowing her to understand and assimilate the divorce of her parents; to receive sexual orientation, which is considered one of the main problems that affect her integrity since the judgments and beliefs of the environment prevent her from being able to accept herself and be happy.


Can you help us help Eliza enjoy the most difficult stage of her life, her adolescence? With your help, we can prevent further problems. Together we can!