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Martina is an 8-year-old girl who enters the interview with a sad, crestfallen expression. She claims not to know what happened, as she remembers sharing the morning with her mother while she prepares a sandwich for breakfast before going to school, and suddenly finds herself in front of her coffin.
Martina has more questions than answers and spends her days wanting to understand what happened to her peaceful life. I know you too are wondering “What happened to Martina’s mom?”. During the morning, while the little girl was attending classes her mom suffered an aneurysm. She spent several days in the hospital fighting for her life and her little girl, but she did not win the battle.
Her mother could not tell Martina the truth out of fear and ignorance, and her last memory of her mother is seeing her in the wake.
During the psychological interview, depressive symptoms, anxiety, worry, frustration, and low academic performance were detected, despite her young age. She also shows the great difficulty in the subject of mathematics. She is unable to understand and comprehend math problems and exercises, which worsens her perception of her abilities and affects her emotional stability, making her wish she could die and be with her mother.
Martina’s case moved us as a team. We want to help her overcome the grief of the loss of her mother and provide her with the educational guidance and psychotherapeutic assistance necessary to live a happy and fulfilling life. With your help, we can!