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Emilio is about 4 years old. He lives surrounded by the love of his mother and grandparents, but as his mother says, ”since Emilio was in her womb she has experienced emotional instability”.


As relevant background, Emilio’s mother suffers from epilepsy and depression, which worsened during the gestation period.


Unfortunately, her pregnancy was not at all easy due to the constant conflicts with her then-partner.


According to her, she suffered psychological violence, persecution, bullying, and cyberbullying, which triggered a deep depresión within. She lived through all these incidents and conflicts in total silence for fear of reprisals.


During Emilio’s birth, intrafamily conflicts arose, and very soon another alarming situation arose in the family. Since the child was two years old they noticed that something wasn’t right, he doesn’t speak, only babbles, doesn’t relate to his environment, and always likes to be alone, so they did several tests and diagnosed him with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


His mother has a big dream, and that is for him to be able to talk and be able to play with the other children. She wishes with all her heart that he can express how he feels. There are so many times he gets physically sick and she doesn’t know where it hurts or what he is feeling. Can you imagine how this mother must feel? Currently, there are many cases like Emilio’s, that need urgent attention. In Ecuador, we are experiencing an increase in cases of autism. Your contribution will give these children the opportunity to advance and improve their quality of life.


Emilio needs neurological treatment, speech therapy, occupational therapy, special education assistance, and neurofeedback, for a long period, to see favorable changes in his development. With your help, he will be able to receive the treatment he needs.