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Ismael is a beautiful 11-year-old boy, smiling, energetic, sometimes affectionate, nice, and very attentive. He loves his mother, even though sometimes he can’t understand her.


Suddenly, his sweet voice changes and he prefers to be addressed as Edmundo.


Edmundo is a 50-year-old man who works as a janitor in a school. He shouts, speaks sarcastically, mocks those present, claps his hands, and laughs loudly. After several refusals on Edmundo’s part to allow us to talk to him, he allows us to communicate with Ismael again.


Ismael states that he does not know his biological father. He has not had any kind of relationship or contact with him.

During the last few months, his relationship with his mother has become tense, as he finds it difficult to obey and she despairs.


Unexpectedly he speaks in a softer voice, and says “Her” name is “Maria”. “She” picks up a toy and speaks through it. “She” is reserved and gives no information about herself. “She” merely makes jokes and laughs a lot at her jokes.


After several minutes and through various strategies we managed to locate and contact Ismael again. He continues with the interview and reveals to us with great sadness that he is bullied at school. Some teachers believe in him and others do not. He affirms that his friends do not like him and have changed their treatment towards him. He does not feel loved and this seriously affects his stability. He also perceives that his classmates are against him, and the only company he enjoys is that of his mother. He likes spending time with his mother very much and assures her that he will never leave her. He even sleeps with her because he is afraid of thieves and they protect each other.


Suddenly, his voice changes again and Pepe enters the scene. Pepe is a complex and aggressive personality. His face and countenance show anger. He confesses that he is seeking revenge because his family is dead and he will be happy when he achieves his goal.


Ismael’s mother states that the changes in her son’s personality are “jokes.” After a psychological interview and detailed changes in the way the child talks and treats himself and others is a worrisome ordeal.


The test results show immediate behavioral and conduct changes: from introverted to extroverted; physical strength; coldness; fetal distress; aggression; bitterness; tendency to uncontrolled impulses; fear; anguish; hallucinations; recurrent fantasy thinking; a vision of people; distortion of reality; contained anger; anxiety and internal tension. In addition, Ismael hears voices and has difficulty accepting the opinions of others.

Ismael requires urgent psychiatric care and psychological support, as he does not have the necessary resources to initiate an immediate therapeutic process.