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He is Jordan, an 8-year-old child with a lot of energy and tenderness. He is like an adult man in a child’s body, full of experiences but with anger as if life owes a debt to him after the tragic death of his father.


Jordan’s life took a very dramatic turn when he was 2 years old, his father was a victim of a hitman, inside his own house, while Jordan and his mother, Maggi Ayovi, witnessed the murder.


Jordan’s father immersed himself in drug use, gangs, and micro-trafficking from a very young age.


At present, Jordan seems to repeat the story as his father. He is not going to school and spends his time on the street, surrounded by poverty, illicit substances, emotional and economic needs, with more questions than answers, and unresolved internal conflicts.


At the moment, Jordan’s mother, a very young woman, is gestating her 4th pregnancy. She is not well emotionally and like Jordan, she needs complete psychological assistance to overcome and take care of her children too.


You can support Jordan and Maggi today. Your donation can make a difference and allow them to develop their potential and improve their quality of life.


By donating you will be supporting Jordan´s mental healthcare complete treatment, overcoming trauma, unprocessed grief, counseling, and other diagnosed mental illnesses, and empowering them to bring about lasting change in their own lives and communities.