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We always start our stories by highlighting the positive aspects of our interviewees, but this time, unfortunately, will be the exception.


Thalia is a girl in so much pain. During the interview, she showed frailness and deterioration. Her body language denoted sadness and it was difficult for her to maintain eye contact.


She mentioned that she feels that she cannot love her father, she is only afraid of him. He wakes up in a bad mood most of the time and is always bitter, gets angry, screams, and becomes hysterical.


She tells us that she does not have many friends, she is shy and it is difficult for her to relate to others.


Lately, she feels exhausted and without strength and feels very sleepy. She has had severe headaches, and nausea, and her feet and legs tremble, and she also startles because when she hears loud noises she thinks they are her parents arguing or fighting, She believes that when these altercations occur she did something wrong and they are going to strike her.


When she feels sad she goes to a corner and cries. She is suffering from insomnia, she feels a lot of pressure and exhaustion. It is hard for her to get up in the mornings and is having difficulty understanding school activities. She wishes that her father would change his attitude. 


Thalia expresses “I DON’T WANT TO BE IN THIS LIFE ANYMORE”. If you have made it this far, you understand what Thalia is going through, and it’s true! At only 11 she manifests Psychosomatic ailments, severe depression, high suicidal risk, and mental weakness. Shall I go on? Feelings of insecurity and inferiority, fears, anxiety, fear of failure, and feelings of not being able to cope with life.


She and her parents need urgent professional assistance: Psychiatry, psychology, neurological training therapies, and family therapy.


In Ecuador, physical and psychological abuse – before the pandemic revealed that 51% of children, ages 1 through 5, suffered physical abuse, and 47.3%, in the same age group, suffered some form of psychological abuse.