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His name is Santiago Carabajo Alarcón (Santi), and his story has caught our attention since we heard about him. We were told Santi was a very aggressive, spoiled, violent child who hit, bit and tried to harm others. But when we met him for the first time, he hugged us full of kindness. Santi has a great capacity to give love, expecting to receive love from his environment.


Santi lives in one of Guayaquil’s most vulnerable and dangerous sectors. In this place, essential services are scarce, no paved streets are needed, and many young people consume illicit substances. Santi lives in a physical space that lacks the most vital things for a human being to develop healthily.


Santi lives in a full of violent environment. The same day we met him, he received a couple of slaps from his father in the morning. According to Santiago’s mother, the boy’s father is very violent. Several times, despite his young age, Santi has experienced episodes of extreme domestic violence, to the point where his mother has had to leave that environment because her life was at risk.


The reality is this: we have a beautiful, good, generous child, but with emotional pain and traces in his mind and his heart, that the only thing he recognizes as affection is physical violence; in addition to this, he has severe difficulty in his speaking that we must also work with therapies so that he can develop better.


We decided to fundraise to help Santi and his parents have the complete psychological treatment they need.


The first step is to cover the costs of psychological assistance, language therapy, family therapy, psychiatry, neurological training, and support groups for Santi and his parents.


Your donation can help Santi to develop all his potential and contribute to his emotional growth so that in the future, he can be a productive adult who contributes to his community and society in general.