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At only 13 years of age, Britney states that her only purpose in life is to die. There is so much rage in her heart that she even threatens to kill her classmates or at least hurt people in her path and then take her own life.


Britney affirms that she remembers her constant suicidal ideas, animal cruelty, self-harm, and aggressiveness started from a very young age, and all of them intensified after her father attempted to against her integrity, added to the psychosocial environment in which she lives, we have a walking time bomb!


And although her words are distant from what you can see in her face, (a very tender, sweet girl), it is a case of extreme urgency, a latent risk. Every day, every second counts.


Telling this story is not an easy task, but we want you to know why your donation is important in the urgency of this case, without going into details that may be offensive to you.


Britney’s story is a reality that many young people in Ecuador live, and despite the complexity of this kind of case, we are convinced that humans have an enormous capacity for transformation and all of us can be rescued from the darkest of outcomes, Henceforth allowing them to live a happy, productive and successful life.


Your donation can help Britney to receive complete psychoneurological and emotional treatment for six months.