At least 22% of teachers have felt sudden mood swings during the school year

According to the survey conducted by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education among 1,200 teachers, 22% said they felt tense, irritated, or had a sudden change in mood during this year and 18% said they had problems sleeping. 3 out of 10 have received emotional support, mostly from the DECE.

This situation is worrying since it reveals that only a small number of teachers have received the emotional health assistance they require, even though, according to this same source, they are the ones who are providing 20% of this support to students.

This survey also reveals that, of 4,500 representatives of children and teenagers surveyed in Ecuador, 4 out of 10 have felt very distressed or stressed during this same period.

The emotional health of parents and teachers is an issue that does not yet have much relevance in the political and governmental sphere, but it constitutes a fundamental pillar to keep the mental health of the children of our country in good condition.

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